Journaling, to me, is everything. It’s how I make sense of things, how I plan, how I self- motivate and soothe. It is the most essential part of my daily routine, and it looks different single time I return to my practice. 

I’ve been sharing my journaling tips online for over 8 years, and in 2020, I turned to TikTok to post daily journaling prompts over the span of two hundred days in series called The Quarantine Journal and Pen to Paper. It was *almost* the perfect solution to bring the gift of journaling to the masses, but I hated that in order to get the prompts, one would have to log onto TikTok and end up spending hours on the app. The result was the opposite of my goal- distraction instead of intention. 

I set out to create a physical version of this concept and ended up with something I’d been looking for my whole life: Volume 1 is an undated, minimal, prompted journal that had a different format and new question on every page. The 201 questions prompt you to reflect, plan, remember, manifest, and play.

I am thrilled to welcome the addition of Conversational Cocktail Napkins to the brand, as I believe the obvious next step after connecting with oneself is connecting with others. 

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