No Particular Order: Vol 1 FAQ

What's inside?

201 journal prompts designed to challenge, inspire, motivate, remember, manifest, plan and play.

How do I use it?

Fill out the journal any way you like- flip to a random page, start back to front, or if you’re more traditional, you can begin on page 1. Use it daily, once a month, or finish the whole journal in one sitting (warning: this may take you a while).

All pages are numbered and have a place to add a date just in case you’re craving a bit of order.

When will I get it?

Once orders are placed, you can expect to receive them within 2 weeks.

Who can use this journal?

Your grandma, little brother, long lost twin, cool boss.. the list goes on. The journal is genderless and expletive-free so creatives of all age, shape, and size can use it.