• Bianca J.

    The prompts in this journal have encouraged me to document my life in the most unique way. I love writing by hand, but have found most journals to be repetitive. I use it every day and have already drawn all over the cover.

  • Mia W.

    As a therapist, I will confidently recommend this to my clients, especially those who may worry they are not journaling correctly. The inviting prompts encourage you to start wherever is most comfortable and continue as it feels right. Flip the pages, start in the middle, skip a page, and go back later. It's all up to you! In a crowded field, "No Particular Order" stands out. - Mia Weinberg, LMFT

  • Gillian R.

    Finally, a journal created by someone who journals!! I love the look/ usability/ quality of the book itself, and the inside is even more impressive. So many reflective and thought-provoking prompts -- this journal will last me a long time. Great for journaling experts AND those who may be hesitant to start journaling.